Welcome to the 3. edition of Encuentro Milonguero Tres Besos from 2-4 November 2018, in the heart of Europe, at the border triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany.


The first two editions have been hugely successful thanks to the wonderful spirit of all the dancers, DJ's and helpers. 

For the third edition, we aim again to unite dancers who especially like and dance in close embrace. Everybody on the pista and around will bask in the warmth of our Tango community, respecting the codigos, dancing Tango and sharing the passion - that's our goal.


We offer a spacious, beautiful venue with an excellent wooden floor and a high standard sound system for our internationally well-known DJ team. The venue is located in the heart of "Kleinbasel", Basel's lively neighborhood within walking distance of the historic center, and just 2 blocks from the Rhine river. Reasonably priced accommodation abounds, and we have already reserved several conveniently located BnB's and hotels for you.


Registration is mandatory as we take special care to ensure gender balance and a great diversity of ages and cultural backgrounds. We strive to create a warm and sociable atmosphere, which enables us to immerse ourselves in the "Tango bubble" we all love so much. Dancers who like to dance with abundant figures, big steps, and try to fill the "gaps" in the ronda will not feel comfortable.


We are greatly looking forward to welcoming you in Basel!

Irma & Gregor