Taskin Deniz (DE/TR)

I love tango music for its special structure, nostalgic mood and endless possibilities it suggest. I play classical tangos from 1920s to 1950s, mainly from the golden age of tango. This includes variety of genres, orchestras and moods, in order to create a smooth flow on the dance floor. My aim is simply to connect to dancers, as I am one of them.

Jacob Vosmaer "el Jirafa"  (NL)

Jacob's music choices make your feet hurt because you can't stop

dancing! He plays music from tango's 'Golden Age' and has been DJ'ing

since 2011. "The recordings left to us by the great musicians of the Golden Age are an amazing treasure. Not only is the repertoire rich and varied, it also contains so many hits. These two things help me to fill the night with the spice of variety and the joy of recognition."

Aurelién Niort (FR)

Aurélien began dancing Tango 9 years ago and DJs regular Milongas in Nantes since 2014. He recently discovered and became addicted to the Encuentro Milongueros. His musical style is based on the Golden Age era. For him, emotion an energy are the two essencial ingredients in a Milonga.

And he says he has sold all his Repetto-Dancing Shoes in size 40 for 50€ each to get lots of Munay shoes in size 39!!

Ricardo Peixoto (GB)

People tell me that my DJing style is dynamic, energetic and 100% bailable. My aim when DJing is to play music for the dancers, to inspire an emergency cabeceo, to facilitate a nice ronda, to keep the smiles going in the end of a tanda. I think of a tanda as a little story through the innards of an orchestra, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Each note is a word, each music a sentence each tanda a chapter. Every milonga is a story, different all the time. As a DJ I try to establish a connection between myself, the dancers, and the music. Playing the music and understanding the dancers’ energy is as demanding and rewarding as dancing itself.


Trud Antzée (NO)

She has been DJing in Oslo / Norway and abroad since 2013. Her selection is mostly from the Golden Age, with some tandas from the 1950s and early 1930s in between. The musical choices she makes depend on the dynamic in the room, so she always finds it exciting to see what happens during a set! She loves the moments when the dancers connect to the music. Favourite guys: D’Arienzo, Troilo, Laurenz, and Pugliese.


Irma Gross (CH)

Irma's connection to Tango is strong… Her background as a musician with classical formation influences her work with Tango - She has been the first violin of Tango-Orquesta “Silencio” for many years, she is a Tango DJ for more than 17 years and runs her own Milonga in Basel. Partly living in Switzerland and in Argentina her selection of music is strongly influenced by what is being played at the moment at the Milongas of Buenos Aires - adapting to European needs and preferences.  She composes her tandas in the moment, adapting the style to suit the audience. Beside all this, Irma is a milonguera, a musician of Argentinian Tango and Folklore, and she is running her own brand of Argentinian Tango shoes MUNAY.